Lineman Calculator Pro

Get the ultimate mobile lineman calculator.

  • Perform complex calculations in the field
  • Detailed descriptions of each calculator
  • 20+ Lineman calculators included
  • Web/WiFi access not required
  • iPhone and Android versions

The Ultimate Lineman Calculator.

Designed by Linemen, for Linemen

Electrical Instructors and Electrical Lineman will benefit from the easy-to-use Lineman Calculator Pro App. The developer, Norman McDugle, focused on training capabilities for electrical transformer classes, but lineman in the field can also utilize this app to calculate loads or as a transformer connection reference. This app will allow the calculation of:

  • Transformer turns ratio
  • Transformer full kilovolts-amperes (KVA) rating of primary and secondary currents in single, two or three transformer configurations
  • KVA loads in single, two or three transformer configurations

As a training tool, you have the option of working the formula without the aid of the calculator and then checking the answer with the app. All formulas used in these calculations are noted in the app.



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