Lineman Calculator Pro


Norman McDugle, CLCP, went to school to become an accountant, but quickly realized he had little interest in the field. After completing his accounting course work, Norman searched for work outside of accounting. He was initially hired as a general helper with Joe Trower Telephone Company. This position proved to be the start of McDugle’s life-long career path. When he had an opportunity to go to work for a power-line electrical contractor, Norman took the job.

Norman-McDugle Once Norman observed a foreman testing voltage with a volt meter, he became extremely interested in electricity and all the intricacies that the field offered. McDugle enrolled in correspondence courses to further his knowledge of the electricity arena. The courses were then only offered through the United States Department of Agriculture. Without the assistance of the internet, email or complex calculators, Norman diligently completed the long process of his correspondence education.

The years Norman McDugle worked in the electrical field gave him the technical knowledge and experience to start his own company in 1980. MAC Electric became a very successful Oil Field Electrical Contract business. The company constructed and maintained everything from overhead power lines to electronic control boards. Norman was able to design and install the circuitry for multiple gas plants, salt-water disposals and alarm systems. One of his biggest accomplishments was designing the circuitry and staking and constructing overhead power lines (7.2/12.4 kv and 14.4/24.9 kv) to over 300 wells, salt-water disposals and transport locations in one field. MAC Electric constructed installations and performed maintenance for thirty individual and six major oilfield companies.

While successfully running MAC Electric, Norman incorporated an electric motor rewind business. One of the major projects he completed was assisting a current client in down-sizing their pumping units. The client needed to slow the units down considerably. As an experiment, McDugle rebuilt one of the companies burnt-out 30 HP Toshiba 12 lead 1200 RMP motors, and converted it to a 600 RPM motor rated at 15 HP. The rebuilt motor worked well and was more durable and more resilient to lightning and power surges than the factory-built motors. Future orders for these specialized motors became a big part of the rewind business.

In 1995, after fifteen years of working 24/7, McDugle sold MAC Electric and was offered a position with the Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives (OAEC) based in Oklahoma City as a Loss Control Specialist. During his time with OAEC, Norman developed multiple basic electricity, transformer and meter training programs. He personally built many types of boards and training units used in instructing, including:

  • Basic electricity boards
  • Loose neutral boards
  • Current transformation boards
  • Voltage transformation boards
  • Y and Delta boards
  • Miniature transformers
  • Full-size transformers training units
  • Trouble shooting training units

Norman has instructed transformer and meter classes throughout Oklahoma, New Mexico, and Kansas. His training programs have been shared across the United States through the Southern Area Instructors Association and the National Utility Training and Safety Education Association.

Norman McDugle’s entrepreneurial and training background has greatly assisted him in developing the Lineman Calculator Pro App. Electrical instructors and lineman will benefit from the ease of use of this app. Mistakes can be alleviated and calculation times can be considerably reduced.